Multimedia Fusion Express

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Multimedia Fusion Express (MMFE) wass Clickteam's second "klik" product, first released under the name Click & Create in 1996. In 1999 the distribution rights were handed to IMSI and the program was renamed "Multimedia Fusion Express" to match the naming scheme of the then recently released Multimedia Fusion.

Multimedia Fusion Express features numerous improvements over the previous attempt by Clickteam, Klik & Play, such as support for greater color depths, scrolling, extensions and much more.

Due to the way MMFE was distributed, it has never seen the same level of success as other Clickteam products, provided via Clickteam's website. A watered-down version missing features such as the timeline editor was released as The Games Factory, which saw greater recognition and was more widely used as a result. The specifications behind TGF and MMFE are almost identical, however whereas TGF deals with .gam files and uses a "gf****.gox" naming scheme for extensions, MMFE uses .cca files and "kc****.cox" extensions. However, anything made in MMFE can be opened in TGF, and extensions can simply be renamed for them to be compatible.

There are also minor naming differences (for example, TGF calls each screen a "level" while MMFE calls them "frames"). There are also supposedly fewer bugs in MMFE as the development timeline was longer.

Like The Games Factory, MMFE uses a drag-and-drop system for much of its interface, and generally requires little professional coding. Being a second generation Clickteam product, it is considered out of date, however, being surpassed by both Multimedia Fusion and Multimedia Fusion 2.

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