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A Drawing of Mug by FuPoo.
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Aliases: Hypermug
Interests: Video games, drawing, animals (mainly insects and reptiles/amphibians)
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Mug (formerly Hypermug), has been around the community for over a year. He got off at a rocky start, but he doesn't seem to be openly hated by any other members. His first friend on MFGG was Zae, who sadly hasn't been seen around lately. He later befriended Kitsune, Biddy, Hanyou, Über n00ber, and many others.

Mug has participated in a few fads, namely MFGG High and the dreaded Sailormoon fad (Mug's scout was Sailor Pluto). This fad died when Zae's internet was gone for the entire summer.

Mug's current past time is playing the MMORPG Maple Story. He has a lv 88 Priest who's goal is to reach Lv. 100. He's willing to help any newcomers to the game, so if you ever have any problems, just ask him!

Finally, Mug is working on his RPB (Role-playing-book) which he hopes to scan and show everyone very soon. This RPB is basically a blueprint of a game, complete with your standard rpg fare: Allies, levels, items and equipment, battles, and even minigames. Each page contains 25 blocks, which show the story as it progresses. So far there are 35 pages finished. There will be many, many more.