Moo Moo Kung Foo Babaloo Koo Koo Ka Choo

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Near the end of the ezBoard's life, Cyberknight Aaron began a topic known as "Moo Moo Kung Foo Babaloo Koo Koo Ka Choo". Although it was a very silly topic, it was not entirely pointless. It carried over themes from the Kissing Booth Theory topic, such as Repair-man-man-man. It was hosted on weirdestchild's site for a short time.

In the realm of this thread, the all-powerful sentience GhAsT worked to destroy Mario Fan Games Galaxy, and could only be halted by the Saviours. This roleplay was quickly joined by PolarKoala, Shaw, Hippoman, FanGuy, Chibi Ninja, Outbreak, and Binky and soon became an epic tale of treachery and woe.

The EZBoard soon fell, and a second topic began in its successor, the vBulletin forums - MKFBKKKC (2?)" This topic began with a party at FanGuy's house, which began every subsequent episode. It assumed weirdestchild as the villain until it was revealed he was only under GhAsT's control, at which point he joined the Saviours.

The third and final segment of the trilogy was sadly its last.

An archive of MMKFBKKKC can be found at, hosted yet again by Weirdestchild.

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