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Melon Soda

GreenDragonXIII (GD)and JetSetRamazukiXIII (JSR)
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Aliases: JSR, Ramazuki, JetSet, JetSetRaïn, GDXIII,GreenDragonXIII, Sezu Yuji, JetSetRamazuki13, Graffïtïer, Soda Junky, Umlaut, ChronoBreaker
Real name: KiNG
Interests: Style, Philosophy, Concept, and Character Design
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GD, or JSR, or SodaJunky, is one of MFGG's top Fighting Game/Squaresoft/CAPCOM Enthusiasts, and the bring of what is GREAT DAZE. Formerly a spriter, he's ditched the gig for general concept art and character design. While he is an American Citizen, he has a summer home in Japan, and plans to live there permanently after he obtains his Bachelor/Master's Degree from the University of the Arts.

While he has several, His most well known Ref is a pair of chaos loving cancers brought animate. In the comic anthology Radical Randomness, Ramazuki lost his body in an accident long ago and traveled with OSM and GDXII portrayed in the form of various people he's encountered. Having regained his body, they lives in "peace" in the urban scenes.


Joining MFGG sometime in late 2003, he left for a large sum of time due to personal concerns. Then he returned as a dupe in 2006 under the name GreenDragonXIII. Most know GD for his various over sized signatures over the years, and a very large, scantily clad Tifa Lockheart picture that sucked up a good portion of the bandwidth long ago. This struck a bad note with Klobber, a former admin, though the two presumably had a friendly relationship.

He is considered OSM's other half, knowing him for many years forming the 2nd half of Radical Randomness' Dynamic Duo, and actually being best friends in real life.

Recent Activity

JSR's activity proves him to be nocturnal. When the number of members on dies down after 2 o'clock, he can be seen commenting vigorously. Outraged at the disappearance of the Pointless Post Palace, he is currently making a valiant effort to merge with the GC and CCC, as difficult as it may be.

His posts, while straying on stupid remarks and simple "I lolled" or "asdf" comments, are usually become very deep or detailed. He's become accustom to many of the various member's preferences on the boards, and he delights in debating and screwing the mindsets with the other members about topics he's rather passionate about, especially if it gives him a chance to play devil's advocate. He's also the only member other than Glacko2021 that adores Aki Hoshino.

"Keep It Real and people will trust you. Or you can just do something trustworthy... I guess."- GreenDragonXIII (September, 2001)

"Let me fly, and I'll drop the charts. Get in my way, and i'll Drop the Frickin' MOON. Chase the Chance." ~JetSetRamazuki ( November 18, 2008)

Currently, while working as a freelance Character Designer for hire, he is developing 2 Graphic Novel stories: "DiCE 大甚ぎる~GReaTLY eXCeeDiNG DiCE",and "川の生" [River of LIFE]. "DiCE 大甚ぎる~GReaTLY eXCeeDiNG DiCE" is where the term "GREAT DAZE" became commonplace in his vocabulary, being the main character's catchphrase. DiCE is also his 3rd of 5 refs.

These are supplement to his 10 year development project, "RAX"

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