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Aliases: MechaWave (forums, current)
Gig (con-current)
Interests: Fangaming development, Web designing
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MechaWave (shortened MW) is a recent member who joined before the move to phpBB on October 28th, 2008 under the username "MarioFan277" then switched to "Gig" soon after. He is still known by this name.


MechaWave has nothing too interesting about himself, and no one actually knows him personally. All is known about him is that he has an elusive liking for the Super Mario series, and cares nothing for other franchises, series, or games with few exceptions and that he has a fangame in the works. MechaWave has never submitted or presented anything to the MFGG community for unknown reasons, possibly due to some circumstances that all sprites he has customly made are bad or are worthless. He has been banned temporarily for minor reasons.


At first joining on the forums, MechaWave (widely known as "Gig" then, and still is) was presented as a nice guy, and always went along with topics. Later, after returning in February 2009, he acted more of an off-topic member. MW acts no more like that nowadays, but is more of a sarcastic, joke-cracking guy, but some are taken too seriously.

Reference character

MechaWave, during his first stages in the forums, had a Boo-like character similar to Black Boo's, but later replaced it, and then soon decided not to have a character. MechaWave is planning on remaking his Boo character.


MechaWave joined the forums in late October of 2008, and has browsed since late 2004, not caring for the forums but occasionally checked them out. Upon joining, MW wasn't greeted by many members (which is normal), and some didn't care for the temporary username "MarioFan277". MW was welcomed and maintained a positive attitude and stayed out of arguments, or completely ignored it and went along with the topic. Weeks after, MW became more of a "troll". MechaWave participated in Secret Santa 2008 held by Santa. MW took a modest break from MFGG for awhile and returned June 2009 with a different personality, and joined a friendship with Sparks. MW made many pointless topics and posts and was banned once for this.


MechaWave, surprisingly, has a fangame in production. All information and status is pretty much withheld, but according to his website, it is currently in very active and steady development and is a Paper Mario-esque game.

From his website:

I don't like releasing information or release dates, but it's a Paper Mario game, that features all elements from the game, and its sequel, and blended into one along with new ideas and gameplay. It will include many levels, a variety of enemies (old and new), items (old and new) and badges (old and new) plus much more. There is no release date, but it's really in active development so it won't be long... hopefully.