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Aliases: White Star Line
Interests: Mario, Ships, The White Star Line, Shipwrecks, "Titanic", and MFGG
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Matthew9 is an MFGGer who joined Mario Fan Games Galaxy on September 20th, 2006 and the MFGG Forums exactly seven months later on April 20th, 2007.


Believe it or not, Matthew9 was with MFGG even before he registered. He found MFGG one day looking for sprites. Matthew9 started exploring the site right away and thought it was amazing. He found a love for Black Squirrel's sprites and used them the most.

The Registration

Matthew9's registration was because of his recently created Super Mario Oregon. Matthew had an account up before you knew it. The next day he posted his game up right away.

Matthew9's Online Friends

Matthew9 didn't make many friends because of Super Mario Oregon. He started talking with Josiah and made friends with him. Unfortunately, their relation faded. Matthew9 made friends with mariomaniac, and they loved the Oregon series. Yet, right after mariomaniac canned Super Mario Oregon 3: The Mario Adventure, he disappeared mysteriously never to be seen again. He made friends with Extreme Guy which the relation is still being worked on.

Present Activity

As Matthew's obsession with Mario faded, he left MFGG, and joined the Virtual Sailor Forums. He left again becoming more into aviation. Matthew9 now produces aircraft 3D models on the Google 3D warehouse. His new identity appears to be 707. Matthew is thinking about returning to MFGG, but under his new persona.