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It's FuPoo. :[
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Aliases: Mars Attack ack, SnakeMan, Gutsman
Interests: Drawing, Video Games, VGMusic, Multiplayer Games
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Fupoo was introduced to Mario Fan Games Galaxy by Marigi. He loves drawing... a little too much, and listening to Video Game Music.

FuPoo resides in 3 major places in the online world. GameFAQS, deviantART, and as of late, the MFGG. He plans on staying at the MFGG 'till the end of time. (Except not because he abandoned this place in favor of joining the "far superior" U.)

FuPoo found MFGG in deviantART by a fellow deviant named Marigi. After a friendly chat, he convinced FuPoo to join his future home.

It is also known that he has a liking for Gardenia, a Gym Leader in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

While no longer active on MFGG, FuPoo can be found on Twitter