Mario and The House!

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Mario and The House!
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Developer(s) KoopaKingdom
Announce Date ???
Release Date Nov 10 2008
Genre Action
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Unknown
Platform Windows
Status Released

Mario and the House! is a horror-action Mario fangame developed by KoopaKingdom.

The game takes place inside a haunted mansion, and stars Mario as the main character. Mario must traverse through the mansion, with the goal of eventually finding a way out. However, things are not easy for Mario, as dangers lurk in the house's many unlit rooms.

The game has a very dark and gruesome nature, with an atmosphere designed specifically to scare the player, and visible blood and gore.


Like many of KoopaKingdom's fangames, the game received mixed reviews from members. While some criticized it of failing to achieve its goal of being scary, others (such as Ultramario) were exactly the opposite, praising it for its frightening atmosphere. The highest score it has recieved is a 7/10.