Mario Starshine

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Mario Starshine
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Developer(s) Draco
Announce Date October 22, 2002
Release Date N/A
Genre Platform
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium The Games Factory (Ultimate Mario, Mario Starshine)
Multimedia Fusion (Mario Awesome)
Multimedia Fusion 2(... ??)
Platform Windows
Status Extended hiatus
Not to be confused with Mario Starshine: Island Adventure.

 Yellow!box.gif This article is about a fangame that has entered a state of hiatus.

Development of this game has paused for an extended period of time.

Mario Starshine, sometimes known under the names Ultimate Mario or Mario Awesome, was an old Mario fangame under development by Draco.

The game was originally developed, as Ultimate Mario, in 2002 in Draco's first topic, and as yet, has never seen an actual demo released.

Ultimate Mario

Ultimate Mario was shown on the ezBoard in 2002 alongside Draco's arrival. It was considered advanced for its time, but presented myriad horrendous errors, such as:

  • Death sequence did not function properly
  • Would kick off of walls while standing on the ground next to them
  • The Shine Get noise playing repeatedly when no Shine was got

After its initial demo, Ultimate Mario's own complexity prevented it from being finished, as The Games Factory could not keep up (also Draco was horrible at organizing code.)

Mario Starshine

Mario Starshine was created from scratch, and not from the doomed Ultimate Mario engine. Although it was superior in many ways, it was eventually halted, due to the lack of programmer's commentary in the engine and The Games Factory's limitations. Before its inevitable descent into the abyss, it had quite a few (stable!) features:

  • Wall-jumping, which unfortunately still held the error of executing while standing next to a wall
  • Able to slide down walls ala Super Mario Sunshine
  • Holding up and pressing Jump would automatically bounce off of any walls touched until landing
  • Small, Super, Metal, and Ninjitsu Mario passably functioned
  • Starman
  • Could bounce off of Toads' heads

Mario Awesome

Mario Awesome was the first incarnation to be developed in Multimedia Fusion.

It was eventually forgotten, because Draco did not know how to specify an exact jump height in pixels and generate a parabola for it (although he can do that now.)

This version contained full basic movement including swimming, as well as the Mushroom, Phantom Mushroom, Metal Mushroom, Fire Flower, and Ninja Robe ... but not the perfect jumping, and thus perfectionist Draco forgot all about it ...


SMSWC's debug level

Super Mario Something-With-Cards was the tentative title for the effective fourth version of the game. Draco finally got the jump parabola thing to work and was very happy.

However, he tried to do something ambitious again, involving very complicated ways to code enemies so that one object could be placed, have a sprite put on it, and it would immediately become that individual enemy and act properly without any further modification. Although the enemies behaved properly, their sprites did not link properly, leading to frustration; this may be alleviated with XLua (although Lua is never known to "alleviate" anything.)

This game contained Ninjitsu Mario again with his usual abilities, but Mario does not have a Normal and Super form. This is the first version of the engine to exclude it.