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Mario Madness is a forum used for hosting the Mario Madness event, a forum game hosted by Parakarry. VinnyVideo added the forum on March 13, 2017. During the first few days of the forum's existence, it went through several different locations in the board listings - as a subforum of General Chat, as a subforum of Forum Games, and finally as a stand-alone forum once it had its own banner. The forum went into the Archives a week and a half after the event ended.

The Event

The Mario Madness event is similar to the American event March Madness, which is a basketball tournament that has 64 college basketball teams participating, with people guessing who will win in each match. Mario Madness, however, uses Mario characters, predicting the winners are simplified, and members vote in order to determine who wins in the matches. From March 13 to the end of March 16, members can make their predictions by sending a form to VinnyVideo via a personal message. If one's predictions are the closet to the results of the event, they'll be considered as the winner and earn a Event Winner badge.


Tournament Results

  • Red Zone Winner: Wario
  • Yellow Zone Winner: Bowser
  • Green Zone Winner: Luigi
  • Blue Zone Winner: Waluigi
  • Final Match: Luigi vs Waluigi
  • Winner: Waluigi

Prediction Results

A W in bold indicates that the winner was predicted correctly, a F in bold indicates that a finalist was predicted correctly, and a S in bold indicates that a semifinalist was predicted correctly.

zXspriter also sent a form, but since he didn't fill it out right, he was disqualified.

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