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Mario Gamer

A Drawing of Mario Gamer by FuPoo.
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Aliases: Noway, MGer
Interests: Sprite Ripping, Music Ripping, Fan-Game Designing, Drawing, Comic Artist, Voice Actor, ect.
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Mario Gamer is another member in a sea of insanity.


Mario Gamer was introduced to the internet in the summer 2000 at the age of nine. He was, at the time, one of the younger people on the internet and he quickly became interested in site such as Super Mario 64 Central and The Mushroom Kingdom. In November of that year he started his own site Mario Mania, a crudely put together site hosted by Tripod. The site is still viewable here. In 2001 he joined the Super Mario 64 Central (Now Super Mario 128 Central) message board and stumbled upon a user by the name of SuperYoshi. SuperYoshi introduced him to web comics and sprites. Eventually this led to lib files and The Games Factory. This marked the start of his interest in fan games.


Mario Gamer continued to visit Mario Fan Games Galaxy after it came up in several conversations. He learned to develop basic TGF skills and even started work on a game later that year with SuperYoshi. "Super Mario Legend of the Rainbow Stars". During this time SuperYoshi introduced him to Yoshiman. He looked up to Yoshiman for the how to on fangames. The game was later lost in a computer crash sometime around late 2002. By now he had moved on to his own projects and started several games such as Super Mario Bros. 4. He finally joined the MFGG Forums on September 1st, 2003, right at the end of the vBulletin days. Within his first several posts he had shown his skills were not as great as thought. With no idea on how to rip sprites he was shown by other members and quickly managed to submit his first sheets. By the end of that year he met Shadz, his future partner and friend, who in turn introduced him to Pixeltendo.

By the next year he had made friends and enemies and considers 2004 his most active year. He participated in many fads including MFGG Dances, Starfox Fad and Team Wars to name a few. He also befriended Naoshi, whom he became close friends with in the following years.

2005 marked the launch of Movie Munchies, the thing Mario Gamer is probably most known for today. While this was a start for a new fad, he didn't really play a part in other fads other then the second Team Wars. He also lost his friend Shadz, who suddenly vanished from the internet. He also started working on Minigame Competitions with Yoshiman winning several. Some of their entries were Pyramid Panic and Resident Wario Land.

In 2006, Movie Munchies returned setting a new record over last year. Mario Gamer participated in more fads, such as the Isometric Collaboration. And even starting, or attempting to start a few of his own. Disney Report He also received his first warn sparking the Big Red Sigs fad. He stopped ripping sprites early in the year and only submitted one thing to the main site. He started penning ideas for what would later become Super Mario Theta.

In 2007, Mario Gamer continued with his final season of Movie Munchies. He voiced his opinion against allowing self banned people back in the Delmore dispute throughout the year. He revealed the name of Super Mario Theta along with screens, a trailer and music at the Nintendo Community Fangame Convention. He ripped a total of three sheets over the year and restored his computer from 2004. On the last day of the year he released "Theta Test #34A" a quick engine test for Super Mario Theta.

In 2008, Mario Gamer was still wrapping up the 2007 Movie Munchies.

Mario Gamer has posted less frequently since the phpBB boards opened, and on November 10th, 2010, he announced his intention to leave MFGG, saying he's become increasingly busy with college studies.


Mario Gamer started out as a basic Mario edit. With short sleeves, no gloves, no mustache. He even had shorts at one time, but later extended his overalls to cover his legs. However many people forgot all these details and finally he decided to change to the current design on the top right in late 2004.


Mario Gamer has made several friends over his three-year period on MFGG. Shadz,(also known as Shadow) probably known as he best friend who also visited Pixeltendo. They have produced sprites as well as the upcoming fan-game Mario Kart: Beanbean Circuit. Shadz mysteriously disappeared in early August of 2005. Another friend of Mario Gamer's is Yoshiman. Mario Gamer met Yoshiman in 2001 through SuperYoshi. They currently work on fangames together and often enter the Minigame Competitions. Naoshi is also his chat friend from which he gets all the latest MFGG news. Though Naoshi's departure from the board has affected their relationship.

MFGG Dance Fad

MFGG Dance was a series of topics created by Mario Gamer. They were created during the MFGG Couples craze and featured different embeds on each page. There was a mix of video game songs, rock, and slow dances. There was one held each Friday. Several flashes were created by LuigiFan, Bungalo View here and Talkingmushrooms View here. However, the fad died off with the couples fad.

An attempt to revive the fad was made in early 2006. However with most of the couples broken up and the fad long dead, it didn't work.

Contributions to Fan Games

Mario Gamer likes doing several projects at once from a variety of types, here is a list of some of his work thus far.


Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario, answered his question:

Mario Gamer - "After all the sports Mario plays, how is he still chubby?"

Shigeru Miyamoto - "Even though he looks a little chubby he is kind of muscular in my opinion, I come to think about that and I myself try to be like Mario – not chubby, try to lose my weight even by a little, so Mario can be my role model when it comes to the weight control but if you think he’s chubby, maybe I should let him engage in more sports."

View it here.

  • His real name was revealed also during this for the first time, though they incorrectly state he is from the UK, when he is in fact from the US.
  • Started the whole Badge Signature craze back in 2003. (Before MFGG had it's own standard ones)
  • MG is a reversal of his real initials.
  • Didn't know how to use Avatars, Signatures, or PMs when he joined. Also didn't know how to rip sprites and was taught by the board.
  • The only member to be warned three times and have it taken back.

Fad Creations

The Disney Report

The Disney Report is a series of reports starting in March 2006 written by Mario Gamer, comparing the attractions at various Disney parks. They were scheduled to run till the end of 2006 but were canceled early in July due to little interest turning into no interest from other members.

March - Space Mountain
Disneyland Paris

April - Splash Mountain

May - It's a Small World
Disneyland Paris

June - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Disneyland Paris

Planned dates

July - Pirates of the Caribbean

August - Indiana Jones Rides

September - Rock 'n' Roller Coaster

October - Haunted Mansion

November - Tower of Terror

December - Matterhorn/Expedition Everest

Movie Munchies

See: Movie_Munchies

Games Developed by Mario Gamer & Yoshiman
Full Feature Games
Super Mario Theta
Pyramid Panic | Tidal Toss | Helicopter Havoc
Canceled Games
Mario Spy | Mario Kart: Beanbean Circuit | Resident Wario Land