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MFGG Wiki -- you're looking at it -- was launched on April 29, 2006. The goal is to make a compendium of every significant MFGG-related fangame, member, fad, or other related material in existence and to provide useful tutorials and resources to help MFGGers make fangames. There are 1,733 articles, each of which may or may not be particularly filled with content, accurate, and/or useful.

The current active Wiki Sysops are VinnyVideo and Yoshin.


MFGG Wiki Mediawiki 1.20.8, software by the organization of the same name. This allows for information to be stored in an orderly and attractive format, with categories, modular templates, and navboxes, while allowing elementary security and recovery such as protection, undo, and rollback.


MFGG Wiki uses an older version of the Wiki software (as of 2018, the newest stable release is at least 1.31) or otherwise lacks a few optimizations that enable useful features.

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