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Aliases: Comrade Kesha, Kesha, DBRalph, Innokentiy, World's Tallest Ladder
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Mario is a longtime member of MFGG, first joining the forums on December 31st, 2003, but not being very active until around 2006.

Mario currently hosts a Discord server dedicated to Web Development that he posted a topic on the forums here: Web Development Community?.

Notable History

  • Mario was a staff member of the original ZFGN, and with at least one of the revivals, got TCSMS up and running with a custom ZFGN-themed skin.
  • Mario was NCFC Staff for two years and NCFC Head Director for two years after that.
  • Mario was in favor of The Split and had lengthy forum posts arguing with Pedigree about the merits of it.
  • Mario supported JaxBoards from the start, and encouraged VinnyVideo to make his forum there. Mario is a JaxBoards support forum staff member, though the project is pretty much dead these days.
  • Mario was administrator of Minus World for a brief period as they spearheaded the transition to the second iteration of the forums. Mario still helps out from time to time with the technical side of things.