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McKnackus I

A self portrait of McKnackus I, for the MFGG Group Project: Base-Colouring
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Aliases: MarioMK1, Melee2000, NinGageMK1, THA_DS_FANBOY, DoubleA-MK1, Master McGhastus
Interests: Art, comics, spriting, Christianity, science, internet.
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McKnackus I (formerly known as MarioMK1) is an MFGGer who joined the Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums on March 18th, 2006 out of boredom with the other forums he visits. Once known on the Nintendo Nsider Forums for his guest-star-overpopulated sprite comic from 2005 to 2008, he's since changed his focus from sprite works to drawn works, though he will occasionally make custom sprites and pixel art. He has also attempted comics multiple times; however, only the shorter silly ones have been finished.

On MFGG he is known for his art and strong conservative political standpoint. He generally tries not to get heated in debates and usually avoids them for that very reason. Most MFGGers consider him to be friendly and decidedly non-confrontational. He was also briefly known for spamming his watermark and putting it in everything he makes or edits. His reference character is currently undetermined, after multiple failed attempts at making good refs.

Prior to The Split, he was a Moderator of the Arts Board.

Early years online

His first delve into the Internet began at the age of 11 on the TechTV forums. This forum later became G4TechTV, and eventually became just G4 forums. Starting out with the name Melee2000, he later changed his name to NinGageMK1 (which sparked his current name motif) in honor of his 13th birthday. He later changed it to THA_DS_FANBOY. During this time he made several anti-PSP/Sony GIF animations, which acquainted him well with the medium.

Eventually he grew bored of G4 and its decline in quality posts, so he joined Nintendo's Official Nsider Forums on April 29th, 2004. He mostly hung out at the Mario board, and eventually became inspired by many Mario sprite comic authors to make his own sprite comic.

Sprite Comic

!SCREWED! Comics (Super Mario Crew: Luigi's Denial) began on May 3rd, 2005. The comic was originally created using MSPaint, but in time he got a hold of Photoshop Elements 4.0, which he used to add effects. The topic that hosted the comic was eventually deleted off the Mario board on October 1st, 2005 as a result of a new rule for the board enacted by MOD_Mario, and the topic was re-made in the Power On board. There it remained until April 21st, 2007, when the topic was inexplicably deleted again.

After a week or so of investigation, he learned that it was NOA_Matt that deleted the thread because it "generated complaints." No actual reason was given, but MarioMK1 concluded it was the name, which was meant to signify the craziness that happens in his comic, but could be mistaken for innuendo. He then went through all the comics, deleting every last remnant of the previous name, and changed it to Mushroom Kingdom 1NSANITY.

Through the life of the comic, it became known for its massive cast, sporting nearly 30 major characters and more than a hundred guest stars by comic's end. The comic was also known for having a plot twist in nearly every comic. Midpoint in the comic, he began to get lazy, and huge delays in comic updates would follow. Soon they lengthened to months without a comic. Overuse of Photoshop effects also became a staple of the series.

The comic ended on May 30th 2008, giving it a three-year run. The comic itself is riddled with plot holes, poor typos, and sub-par writing, and many of the plot holes were never filled. The comic ended with a half-text comic due to laziness on the author's end. While the comic wasn't of very high quality, it did have a fair amount of success, gathering more than a hundred fans over its three year, 45 comic run.

Art Beginnings and Nsider 2

Midway through the comic, he began thinking about his next series and what it would be. Initially it was going to be another sprite comic, but more stylized in its presentation. He even created a teaser comic for the second anniversary. Eventually he got the idea of drawing the backgrounds, but still using sprites, a method he used for some of the later comics in the series.

By the end of the comic, his next series was planned out to be fully drawn, and was to be only semi-connected to the previous series. This decision was sparked by his newly found interest in art midpoint through his comic and his improvement in the area. The comic's plot was to be based on his bandit character, MK, and be set in a city based on Nsider.

However, near the end of the comic, Nintendo shut down its Nsider forums. As expected, the thousands of members looked for new homes, and the majority of them went to Nsider 2, a fan-made forum that is obviously a continuation of Nsider. This, of course, altered all his plans for his next series, and put the plans in limbo for a long time before being scrapped.

Much later, he would scrap other comic ideas after realizing he isn't that great of a writer. The idea of him making a comic has largely been defused, though he would like to start one at some point.

He also changed his name to "McKnackus I" (pronounced "Mac-nack-uhs tha first") in all the sites he could (excluding a few places where he continues to use "MarioMK1") so he wouldn't be "just another Mario user," especially in places where videogames aren't the focus.


He frequents the General Chat and Arts Board, occasionally throwing in his own wacky hijinks for kicks, and had recently been appointed Isometric Collab Manager by Jazz, after breaking the record for the number of tiles made by one user during Isometric Collaboration #5. A month later, he was appointed Forum Moderator of the Arts Board, taking the place of Dexy, who was promoted to Administrator position.


  • McKnackus's birthday is October 10th, 1990.