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Marigi is a member who joined MFGG between 2001 to 2003. Towards the end of his active posting history, became a constant harasser and troll. He was eventually permabanned a second time after duping to troll on the forums by Yoshiman.

Member History

The Arrival

The exact known date of when he signed up for MFGG is unknown, but according to his now non-active Deviant Art page, he has been registered to that for 5 years. He signed up for Deviant Art a long while after being a member of MFGG. Upon joining MFGG, he had no prior fan game experience, or really anything to show for that matter. He was just a person who really enjoyed the Super Mario franchise.

The Departure

When Marigi started to troll more often, he had already made the decision he was going to leave MFGG. However, being the kind of person that he is, he didn't just want to say goodbye. He wanted to tell everyone exactly how he felt. This led to him trolling every topic he could find, and thus he received himself a permaban by Klobber. He lost contact and never spoke to anyone from MFGG again. A few years later, he decided he was going to dupe and troll again, just because he felt like it. He re-registered under another name and started harassing people on the forums. He was caught quickly by Yoshiman and was permanently banned once again.

The Return

Very recently, Marigi was spotted posted in the General Chat forums under the name Mareegi. He wasn't acting like the same old troll he had turned into in the past, but seemed to be back to his old self; like when he first signed up for MFGG. He however, was not ridiculed nor was he shooed away. He was welcomed back by many members of the community, even Kritter, who Marigi had many a scuffle with back in the day. The Mods did not give him another ban, surprisingly, and Parakarry breathed new life into Marigi by giving him another chance.


The Mario Destination

Upon first signing up for MFGG, Marigi was running a small website on Angelfire called The Mario Destination. This was a series of web comics (entitled: Mario Comiks) he had made in the format of Macromedia Flash. Soon after signing up for MFGG he had made some friends who were also in the business of Mario based web comics. One such person was Suigi, founder of Wario Comix. He eventually got offered a spot to be hosted on the Wario Comix website and The Mario Destination became a brother site to Wario Comix. Soon after this happened, Suigi and Marigi's mutual friend Xander, hosted both of their websites on his domain. Since then, both sites have shut down and neither produce these comics anymore.

Mario's Big Adventure

Entitled Mario's Big Adventure, Marigi had begun work on his game. The story was basically that Bowser attempted to kidnap Mario this time around, using the help of a flying minion. However, en route back to Bowser's Castle, Mario was able to escape, thus falling back to Earth. He was then on an adventure to find his way home.

However, Marigi was not liking fangaming. He didn't have any fun making this demo. Shortly after the demo was released, he ditched the project.

The demo received mediocre scoring from the MFGG reviewers, it had not so good of music, terrible cutscenes, and a bad engine.

Untitled Luigi and Bowser Game

Teamed up with Yoshiman, Marigi tried once again at another fangame. The untitled project they had begun work on was a game about Bowser and Luigi having to team up. It would have been a tag-team type of game, where you play as one character but can switch between the two at any given time to solve a puzzle. For example, some objects needed to be burned down, thus Bowser would have to do it. Another example would have been that the wall was too tall for Bowser to jump over, so Luigi had to do it.

The game was not produced very far, just a demo of half of the first level.


Marigi's first full length Flash movie, released in 2004, MMORPG 1.1 was a movie that took place in a made up MMO including some very popular video game characters. This was a planned series, yet Marigi didn't feel like making a series where he had to manage so many characters at once.

Newgrounds Stats

To date:

  • Score: 3.52
  • Votes: 1,139
  • Views: 13,864


Won a Daily 5th award on

Mario: The Greatest Story Ever Told

Easily Marigi's finest piece of media. Created in 2006, Mario: TGSET (as it is commonly referred to) was about Mario and Luigi embarking on an adventure to seek out Christmas. It was a buddy comedy type movie.

Newgrounds Stats

To date:

  • Score: 3.83
  • Votes: 644
  • Views: 28,042

Other Things Worth Mentioning

Sometime after he uploaded it to Newgrounds, a Google search for Mario: TGSET revealed that it was posted to a website called It remained in the top 20 Flash Movie section for many years and received many comments. It has also come up in several YouTube searches, and has even been found acted out by 2 young redneck girls. It is also featured in the Newground's Mario Collection.

Mario: The Greatest Story Ever Told 2

This was the sequel to his smash hit movie, released in 2008. However, it seemed to go very overlooked. At the beginning of the movie, Mario: TGSET 2 is seemingly an all new adventure with the same characters; Mario, Luigi and Jay Jay and with some new characters thrown in, including: Waluigi, Wario and Jewbot 2.0. The premise of this movie is that Mario and Luigi aren't brothers, but they are brothers with their co-existing counterparts, thus, leaving some tension between the two. However, at the end of the movie, it becomes a clear sequel when the plot suddenly shifts.

Newgrounds Stats

To date:

  • Score: 3.79
  • Votes: 512
  • Views: 2,396

Other Things Worth Mentioning

This movie never seemed to take off like the first movie did. With less than half of half of the views of the original movie, this seemed to be a silent flop. However, the vote count was very similar to that of the first (<150 vote difference) and the numbers were very similar. Not a bad movie, just overlooked. It never got enough nominations to make it into the Mario Collection on Newgrounds.

Marigi is currently the quarterback for the MFGG Football team.

Mario: The Greatest Story Ever Told 3

His current piece of work. The movie picks up right where the second movie ended. Currently there is no set release date.