MMF2 and TGF2 Bug List

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A list of bugs in Clickteam's Multimedia Fusion 2 and The Games Factory 2 which may have a significant effect on the way games are programmed. Note that not all bugs are present on all operating systems.

As MMF2 and TGF2 were coded from scratch, they have far less bugs than earlier versions. In addition, as both programs share the same code base, they will both have similar bugs. Many bugs from previous software versions were either fixed, reduced, or can't be triggered anymore.

Bugs unique to the hardware-accelerated versions of MMF2/TGF2 should not be included, as they are still in beta.


  • Toolbar position and general window settings will sometimes not save unless MMF/TGF is windowed when the settings are made, then maximized afterwards.

Graphics Editor

Level Editor

  • If a value, string, or some other settings are changed on an object, this change will also be made on all other duplicate objects, making it impossible to "customize" an object outside of runtime.

Event Editor

  • Like MMF1.5, object qualifiers cannot be used in behaviors or global events; this is due to how MMF references objects and is not necessarily a bug itself. In MMF1.5 it was possible to bypass this restriction, but due to possible problems involved, the method was removed in MMF2/TGF2.
  • Closed event groups will sometimes open inexplicably.

Storyboard Editor

Running a Game

  • Object selection is unpredictable in some cases, making otherwise simple operations become complex ones; MMF/TGF tend to "group" objects in some instances when they should in fact be treated individually.
  • Pasting rotated or resized Active Objects only pastes the original non-rotated, non-resized image.

Platform Movement

  • Similar to older versions, but some notable bugs were fixed; it's better, but still far from perfect


  • The storyboard editor and in-game password dialog accept up to 9 characters for a password, but the password will only function if it is 8 characters or less. In addition, the Frame Properties box allows you to enter passwords much longer than 9 characters.