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Multimedia Fusion (MMF) is an application by Clickteam designed for the creation of computer applications in various media, hence the name. It is regarded as Click & Create/The Games Factory's successor due to its many advanced and otherwise improved features. Like TGF, it comes in multiple versions: MMF 1.0 and 1.2 for 16-bit applications and MMF 1.5 for 32-bit applications. MMF 1.5 is the preferred version, as it is both vastly improved over the earlier versions and allows an unlimited amount of extensions to be installed, expanding its functionality considerably; earlier, it was only possible to add 50.

In July 2006, Multimedia Fusion 1.5 was succeeded by Multimedia Fusion 2 and The Games Factory 2.


Registration is mostly as done with TGF, but the standard version costs $99.00 while the pro version costs $299.00. The professional version gives a license to sell created games, and allows the use of exclusive extensions. Non-registered versions remain active for 30 days. Regardless of which version is used, no splash screens are displayed when a program exits.

Like TGF, MMF cannot build executables if it is not registered, though it can still save to .cca. The project can therefore be completed when the program is purchased.

Interface Adjustment

A common complaint of those who migrate from TGF to MMF is the drastic change in user interface. MMF has a more "professional" look to it, with more of its features available as buttons, and may seem intimidating with all of the features contained in a single given screen. MMF does allow its user to customize the toolbars. Its Animation and Picture/Frame Editor are generally not appreciated either.

Known Issues

While much more stable than TGF, MMF is not by any means flawless. Its animation editor tends to be quite unstable with large images, and many people abhor its interface. On occasion, MMF fails to create a TEMP folder for an application's files, preventing an application from being saved or run. Fortunately, this problem can be solved by creating the required folder -- shown in the error box, no less -- and placing it in the appropriate directory. It may occasionally corrupt a file, but not as often as TGF.

MMF inherits the buggy platform engine from TGF, and the requirement for some solution to this is persistent.

While MMF can support up to 10,000 objects at runtime (compared to around 260 for TGF), only a few hundred or so can be displayed at once because it will lag. This is of course more obvious with larger objects.

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