MFGG Wrestling II

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Since the time Captain Jeff Silvers stopped running the original MFGG Wrestling, there have been various attempts to revive the fed, achieving varying amounts of success but never experiencing the degree of popularity as the original did during its heyday.

Forum Games Wrestling

Forum Games Wrestling, originally known as CCC Wrestling and also known as FGW or "F-in' Good Wrestling," was run by Julio Cesar F in December 2007.

MFGG Wrestling II

Run by Dark Yoshi in summer 2008.

MFGG Wrestling III

Another attempt by Dark Yoshi to revive the federation in December 2008.

MFGG Wrestling II (Yosihait)

In November 2009, shortly after the phpBB boards first opened, MFGG Wrestling was revived by a new member, Yosihait, who had never appeared on MFGG before but was a fan of the original iteration of the fed. The fed quickly accumulated a decent roster, and many longtime veterans like Julio Cesar F and Zash returned to the ring. The quality of the roleplay and kayfabe was as good as it had been since the early days.

It was discontinued in early February 2010. While the original topic no longer exists after the deletion of the first phpBB boards, VinnyVideo has an archive of this and all the other original topics.

New Super MFGG Wrestling

New Super MFGG Wrestling is essentially a continuation of Yosihait's federation; the same Zeus Pro files were used and most of the main early participants also were part of the 2009 revival. The fed was first booked by Cy the Python in spring 2010, but VinnyVideo took over as exclusive booker from April to October 2010, when the fed went back into hiatus. This incarnation of MFGG Wrestling failed to gain much interest, despite running semi-continuously for almost six months, as it was run in a fairly inactive forum (mostly Forum Games before moving to the even less-active Serious Forum Games in summer) at a time when MFGG was struggling to sustain interest among its members.

MW Wrestling

MW/MFGG Wrestling is an April 2011 revival of the fed run on Minus World. While technically not hosted on MFGG, Vinny considers this incarnation to be a direct continuation of the previous fed and even uses the same Zeus Pro file. In addition, everyone involved (with the exception of Katherine, who was indirectly a referee in the summer 2010 fed) was an active member of MFGG in the older generation. The small number of active wrestlers caused this fed to fold quickly.

The Future

VinnyVideo has expressed interest in making one last attempt to revive MFGG Wrestling, although it's unclear whether it will ever happen, since the MFGG forums are now development-centered and Minus World's community has seen a steady decline in activity.