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The MFGG tower was an isometric spriting project started after a similar attempt at another forum, Pixeltendo. A topic was made in the General chat, and the idea was for members to create a "floor" which would then lead to it being compiled into a tower.

The project inspired a lot of spriters/pixel artists to take part, some creating brilliant works of art. Towards the end of it's lifespan it looked far better than pixeltendo's (Their first attempt, anyway).


Although the MFGG tower was a good idea at first, some members began to realise that there wasn't a base to the tower, meaning it couldn't really be compiled in the first place. A roof was created, but without a base it wouldn't physically be possible to create. A base was never made, which is probably one of the reasons it remained unfinished.

There was also the fact that about half way through it's lifespan, the idea was made that members would need to create an inside AND an outside, so that viewers would be able to highlight a floor, and have a look inside. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but many members didn't want to re-make their floors after they'd spent so much time on it. As it was never compiled, the idea never came into practice anyway.

Attempt #2

The project was restarted once again after a discussion in the PPP about it, but wasn't as sucessful. This was mainly because more limiations were added, meaning many of the floors from last time couldn't be used. Even less floors were made this time, meaning it was an even bigger failure. At around the same time, the original topic was bumped and a few more floors were added, but there still wasn't enough to save it.

Isometric Collaboration

An isometric collaboration was started a few months after the MFGG tower. This was far more successful as the rules were far more relaxed. It inspired several afterwards too.


  • A MFGG tower level appears in the fangame Super MFGG War
  • Pixeltendo, a forum dedicated to spriting and the like, also created a tower around the same time. Their fist attempt was regarded by many as being unprofessional (As many of the floors were cheaply made in MSPaint and weren't isometric). However an improved version was started shortly after MFGG's.

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