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The MFGG IRC is the unofficial IRC chatroom of MFGG. It has moved back and forth between the servers of OFTC and BadnikNET, currently settling in OFTC once again. There is also another IRC chatroom on EsperNET, intended to operate more closely with MFGG's own rules.


BadnikNET - #mfgg

Black Squirrel, an ex-admin of MFGG, took a great interest in the chatroom after the move to BadnikNET, and in November/December 2008 put together a timetable for IRC events in an attempt to make the chatroom more active. It has so far worked reasonably well.

The channel was once "protected" by a retired Goonbot, who acts as a ChanServ bot and automatically kicks people for excess flooding. Goonbot itself has been met with mixed reviews, though it has received various tweaks since to be a bit fairer. Like all chatrooms on BadnikNET, it was also home to Motobug, a bot that simply records posting data. Motobug doesn't actually do anything inside of the chatroom however - it just logs things.

The activities on the MFGG IRC have occasionally provoked controversy, especially in the drama-laden year of 2010. Some members, especially those in the administration, felt the risque content that often appears on the IRC didn't reflect well upon MFGG's image, and some IRC members ended up instigating problems that spread onto the forums, including a raid on another forum. There were also frequent accusations that the spring staff members - all of whom were IRC regulars - favored those who used the IRC. These problems are no longer as relevant after The Split, however, and the IRC is active less often today. A large chunk of today's IRC users have left both MFGG and Minus World.

This incarnation of MFGG IRC no longer exists.

OFTC - #mfggirc

At some point in late 2009, the BadnikNET #mfgg channel was permanently muted and the members moved back over to, with Quicky becoming an Op once again.

This is currently the 4th iteration of the channel, which used to be on Mysteria (currently a defunct IRC server). The channel's population varies depending on the time of day.

EsperNET - #MFGG

On December 6th, 2015, Cap'n Coconuts created an alternative IRC channel on EsperNET, dubbing it The NEW MFGG IRC. The chat aims to be a prime candidate for being an official chatoom, should the MFGG administration choose to acknowledge it as such. Thus, it is designed to be a friendly environment open to all MFGGers, with rules similar to the forum rules. This chat also features CocoBot, a multi-purpose bot that greets users, hosts Uno card games, rolls dice, and kicks users who use profanities that are censored on the forums.


This is the current set of IRC operators:


Admins and Global Mods used to qualify for op and regular Mods and Site Staff qualified for half-op. However, the IRC is now unofficial and this is no longer in place.


Cap'n Coconuts is looking for mainsite/forum staff or other respectable and active MFGGers to help operate the channel. See this page for further information.



  • hostname:
  • channel: #mfggirc


  • hostname:
  • channel: #MFGG

If your client doesn't automatically connect to or prompt you for a server, type /server or /server To join a channel, type /join #mfggirc or /join #MFGG.

There used to be a java client for #mfggirc, but it no longer exists. Those wishing to chat on EsperNET without downloading any client software may connect via Mibbit or the webchat.

IRC Status Symbols

@ is for operator and + is for voice.