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MFGG Football is a forum game started by VinnyVideo, originally in the Casual Conversation Castle before moving to the Forum Games section of the new phpBB boards. In it, VinnyVideo recruited a team of MFGGers to play assorted positions on the football field. Through computer simulations using an unspecified program, the MFGG Football Team would play a game every week against another team of mostly fictional players. Players who were banned would sit on the bench, and posting frequently would supposedly increase the participant's player ratings. VinnyVideo kept detailed records of the statistics generated during the season, although the records for the first two games were lost.


Week 1: Wichita 45, MFGG 3 (September 3)

Week 2: MFGG 17, Boston 14 (September 10)

Week 3: Jacksonville (OP) 37, MFGG 13 (September 17)

Week 4: MFGG 20, Houston 10 (September 24)

Week 5: Pittsburgh 17, MFGG 13 (October 1)

Week 6: MFGG 27, Los Angeles 20 (October 8)

Week 7: MFGG 20, Chicago 7 (October 15)

Week 8: New Orleans 23, MFGG 10 (October 22)

Week 9: MFGG 19, Guam 16 (October 29)

Week 10: MFGG 31, Houston 17 (November 5)

Week 11: MFGG 13, Boston 13 (November 12)

Week 12: Jacksonville 19, MFGG 13 (November 19)

Week 13: Pittsburgh 13, MFGG 10 (November 27)

Week 14: MFGG 28, Chicago 19 (December 3)

Week 15: MFGG 24, Wichita 7 (December 10)

Week 16: MFGG 13, Philadelphia 10 (December 18)

Record: 10-6; third place in division

Home team in bold

Team Roster

Quarterbacks: Marigi, BurninLeo (Holder)

Running backs: Nyafall (HB), Vorxis (FB)

Wide receivers: JetSetRaïn (Split end), Shroomguy (Flanker), Gato (Slot receiver)

Tight ends: Dark Yoshi

Offensive line: Jazz (LT), Sorario (LG), Endgame (C), Anubis (RT), Keyser Soze (Backup), Fujiko (Long snapper)

Defensive line: MoneyMan (DLE), Kevin Rudd (NT), mrmario (DRE)

Linebackers: Chaos Emerl (LOLB), Jeorge535 (RILB), Doodle (ROLB), Bip (Backup)

Secondary: Starmang (LCB), VinnyVideo (RCB), Cappy (FS), B33stly (SS)

Specialists: Matt Thorndark (Kicker), B.M. (Punter)

---Other Roles---

Coach and statistician: VinnyVideo

Kickoff/punt returner: Marigi

General manager: Retriever II

Head cheerleader: Fujiko

Mascot: Bip


The MFGG Football team started the year poorly, opening with a 45-3 loss to the Wichita Walruses. At that time, however, the team had only a handful of players, and the team was mostly a mix of weak, generic free agents. As more players joined, however, the team grew stronger, and only a couple of positions were occupied by free agents. MFGG's victory in the second week was a momentous occasion in MFGG Football history.

As the season went on, MFGG had its ups and downs. Its Week 6 win over Los Angeles was one of their best wins, but losing to winless New Orleans in Week 8 was a big disappointment.

---Style of Play--- MFGG's offense was led by Marigi, a controversial but generally effective quarterback. Because of the glut of wide receivers and the few running backs for the majority of the season, VinnyVideo adopted a West Coast offense based on a short passing game. This also worked well with Marigi's scrambling abilities and what was often a patchwork offensive line.

On defense, MFGG used a 3-4 scheme that was generally blitz-heavy. Unfortunately, MFGG had serious difficulty putting pressure on the opposing quarterback, and even as the pass rush improved, the linebackers were better suited to stopping the run. The secondary was generally more reliable; player-coach VinnyVideo made several key interceptions, and Cappy was a major force at safety and on special teams.


VinnyVideo decided to revive MFGG Football for a second season in 2010, although it got less attention than it did in 2009, both on MFGG and later on when the topic was continued on The Minus World. The 2010 MFGG Football team also went 10-6 and narrowly missed the playoffs. The team's roster was considerably different from the squad used in the first year, although Marigi was still the quarterback and a handful of other players returned.


Rumors of a VinnyVideo-organized MFGG Baseball finally materialized in spring 2010, although the one B33stly ran in late 2009 was more successful. VinnyVideo plans for 2010 to be the final year of MFGG/MW Football unless interest picks up in the future.


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