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MFGG launched an official Discord chat group on October 15, 2017, created by Cruise Elroy. The group was announced to the public on the 17th, just two days after its creation. It started out on an experimental basis, and MFGG staff plans to keep it around as long as it's having a positive influence on the MFGG community. The group's channel structure has gone through a number of changes since launch, but most of the channels are analogous to the forums.

Various MFGGers have launched unofficial chat groups over the years, both IRC groups and various iterations of MFGG Skype Group. One of the more well-known unofficial Discord servers was named Hotel Delfino, ran by Mit. It was shut down due to inactivity around March of 2018. Mit, alongside MFGG user Syaxamaphone, also created Jimmy T's All-Night Disco Club, another unofficial server, but instead of being deleted like Hotel Delfino, it was archived/not deleted. Another better-known server was Club Saturn EX, ran by Dustinvgmaster. It had many Fads go along with it, one of the more recent ones being the "name yourself after an operating system" fad. Club Saturn EX also had its own bot, essentially named SaturnBot.

Mario Fan Games Galaxy (the name for the Discord group) is the first official MFGG chat group since the original MFGG IRC, which became unofficial around 2010, and between 2010 and 2017, MFGG never had an official chat group. Most users resorted to the forums as a result.

On January 10, 2019, the group had been archived and a new Discord server was launched.


The MFGG Discord Group is open to anyone with a Discord account - participants aren't required to have an account on the forums or mainsite, although Discord participants are encouraged to be active elsewhere on MFGG. Partnerships with the group also encourage members from other affiliated communities to join MFGG through the Discord. As of August 2018, the group has approximately 350 members.


The Discord group's rules are essentially the same as the rules on the forums, although enforcement is slightly more lenient because of the fast-paced nature of a chat group.


All staff members on the forums and mainsite also have staff powers on the MFGG Discord group. In addition, the MFGG Discord Group has four chat moderators - Kirby's Adventure, Beatrice, rollerC, and Fun With Despair. Discord Mods (chat moderators) only have powers in the Discord group.