MFGG 10th Anniversary

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MFGG celebrated its tenth birthday on July 9, 2011. The anniversary celebrations included several special events:

MFGG Time Capsule

The MFGG 10th Anniversary Time Capsule was a compilation of 12 canned games, mostly from the early days of MFGG. It was released on the main site on the anniversary date, and despite the relative low quality of some of the games, it was generally well-received.

Anniversary Interviews

VinnyVideo interviewed 15 of MFGG's most prominent figures of its past and present.

30 Games on MFGG Worth Playing

Held over the month of July, 30 Games on MFGG Worth Playing was a feature also by VinnyVideo that covered a different notable MFGG game every day.

Other Stuff

Along with the first public release of Waligie 3 as part of the MFGG 10th Anniversary Time Capsule, Techokami released another new Waligie game of his own, Waligie and the Political Machine, in honor of this occasion.