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Note: This is a dedicated page for spoiler warning information. For help on how to use spoilers in this Wiki see Help:Spoiler.

Spoiler Warnings are warnings that details listed in an article could contain spoilers, or information that could ruin the "surprise" of a game or something else. While some users do not care whether they are warned of spoilers or now, spoiler tags should be used if the information in an article is not meant to be widely known. Use the {{spoiler}} tag to include spoilers on a page.


1) Mario is a playable character in Super Mario Galaxy

Spoilers! Plot/ending information may follow (highlight to read):
2) At the end of Super Mario Galaxy, Mario has relations with a hamster and has three children who grow up and work as managers of highly successful fast food retail outlets.

As you see, the spoiler tags hopefully ended up informing the reader that there were spoilers before finding out the hard way. It is strongly recommended that you include spoiler tags when you need them!