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To help keep the wiki related to MFGG and maintain only things that are worth documenting, here are some notability guidelines to give wiki contributors an idea of what is helpful and what isn't:


  • Fangames, especially finished ones
  • Members of MFGG who are reasonably well-known. In particular, the site staff, forum team, wiki sysops, and people who have created well-known games, sprites, or other contributions.
  • Major forum and site events, especially significant events that a large number of people participated in.
  • Tutorial articles to help those who are new to the many game creation tools that can be used to make fangames.
  • General terminology relating to programming and fangaming.
  • Sites with similar goals to MFGG's, especially if they host fangames or similar fan creations.
  • To put it shortly, the various things that happen on MFGG, including the people involved and the creations they make.

Not notable

  • Your pet cat.
  • Members or people we honestly haven't heard of or haven't done anything.
  • Fangames that have little information to contribute, or have little to no proof of existence.
  • Forum fads and events that are only remembered by two or three people or otherwise aren't noteworthy.
  • Chronicles of interpersonal disputes and other drama.
  • Vaguely-related sites or communities.
  • Articles where the spelling and grammar are so atrocious we can't understand what you're trying to say.
  • Generally, anything that doesn't concern MFGG and fangaming.


If you have any questions or aren't sure if something should be discussed on the wiki, feel free to contact our Wiki Sysops VinnyVideo and Yoshin. Don't fear asking any questions, even if you think they aren't big enough; after all, there's no such thing as an unimportant question.