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MFGG3 is the third iteration of MFGG's mainsite. It is being developed by Guinea and HylianDev as an extension of phpBB, so that it will use the skins and the accounts from the forum, while having all of the content from the old mainsite. It will replace the old mainsite software, TCSMS, which was developed by Retriever II.


MFGG3 is being developed not only as a replacement for the outdated and buggy TCSMS software, but also to integrate the mainsite and the forums. Users will be required to have a forum account to submit content to MFGG, or to comment on or review submissions, but their old mainsite accounts can be linked to forum accounts, allowing them to keep their old submissions and comments.

All of the current submissions will be kept. They will be accessible from the new software just as they are from the current software.