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The MFGG YouTube channel is a channel created by staff of MFGG, namely to show off creations and tidbits of the site and/or forums, such as fangames. It was created on July 11th, 2017, and has had 7 uploads from the time it was made. These uploads include music from the forums, previews and showcases of fangames, and in recent times, videos of people from the MFGG Discord server playing games such as Cards Against Humanity and JackBox Party Pack 2 & 3. There has not been any activity there since April 15th, 2018, and it's speculated that SonicProject runs it to this date.

The icon for the MFGG YouTube channel.


  • The description for the channel is as follows:

" Mario Fan Games Galaxy is a freeware website that focuses on creating parodies and tributes for the official Super Mario Bros. series and other related games.

MFGG hosts a plethora of fangames and resources is available for a variety of purposes, although the site retains its strong titular focus on Mario fangames. Users can download fangames submitted to the site, as well as download Sprites, Howtos and Sounds (both music and sound effects) as well as miscellaneous downloads, which can be used to develop their own Mario fangames.

On this channel you will find video spotlights on member created content as well as helpful video tutorials among whatever else we may come up with!


— Description of the channel in the About section.

  • Minus Galaxy has two videos on the channel, although the project hasn't seen much activity with most MFGGers in recent times.