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 Standardwikimessagebox.png This article assumes the use of Lua 5.1.

Information may not be accurate or may need revision if you are using a different version.

Lua (Portuguese for "moon") is a modular scripting language based on Scheme, designed to be integrated into software development environments alongside other development methods or programming languages.

Multimedia Fusion 2 has seen development of several Lua parser extensions by users, perhaps the most powerful of which is XLua.

Lua is currently in version 5.1.4.


Lua boasts support for anonymous functions, coroutines, and first-class functions.

The primary data structures are the table, a format similar to an array but able to hold most other data types, including functions and other tables, and the metatable, a table that may be attached to any other table, including itself, and allows definition of features that Lua does not normally understand via metamethods.

Lua may import C libraries (i.e. *.dll files) and the userdata type may be utilized in both languages.

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