Live in a buttock

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Live in a buttock
Developer(s) ShadowMan
Announce Date January 3, 2008
Release Date January 3, 2008
Genre Adventure
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Unknown
Platform Windows
Status Released

Live in a buttock is a Mario fangame created by ShadowMan shortly after the first Review Drive. The most notable thing about the game is that all of the dialogue was taken directly from reviews that were submitted to the MFGG main site. It was intended as a joke based on the less intelligent inhabitants of the main site. The game also features three endings based on the player's actions at certain points of the game.

Notable Quotes

  • "live in a buttock"
  • "my father might like this one"
  • "*Psssst* you can press enter to go to the next level."
  • "you made me choke on me pie"
  • "praise the lord"
  • "yo yo yo dogg, dis is amazin, amazin eales"
  • "The monkeys intermarry and crossbreed with the Yoshies...what more could be said?"
  • "This game is great no its not great its one of the best games ive downloaded from this ntwork."
  • "smell like an ancient trojan yoshi"

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