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Aliases: Lightning Hedgehog
Interests: Hacking
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Lightning is a famous ROM hacker and programmer, best known for hacking Paper Mario 2. He is also one of the very few GNU/Linux users on MFGG. Lightning is an IRC Operator on the MFGG IRC but is no longer on the forums. During his time on MFGG, he was well-known - and sometimes controversial - for his debating.

Nintendo Gamecube hacking

Lightning is known to have spent a good deal of time editing the resources of the game Paper Mario - The Thousand Year Door to replace textures and dialogue for various purposes. The most organized of these purposes was Paper MFGG, a hack in which community members were invited to submit graphical components of their creative characters to be placed in the game in stead of the existing characters. Some photographs of the results of Lightning's Paper Mario 2 hacking can be found here.

Nintendo DS development

Lightning spends most of his time (at the time of this writing, Q2 2006) playing with devkitARM and libnds. He is said to have a game based on The Legend of Zelda (NES) in the early stages of development. He also had written some code for Sega Genesis emulation, but because of the recent release of a port of the ARM-based emulator PicoDrive, he has stopped working on his emulator in favor of his other projects.