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LangtonLion64's avatar on the main site.
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Aliases: LangtonSoft, LangtonSquid, Langton
Real name: Adam Mallett
Interests: Mario, Mario Kart, game development
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LangtonLion64 first joined MFGG on December 23, 2013. He also joined the forums on March 20, 2014. He has been a fairly active member, and he was promoted to Quality Control on July 18, 2017.

Before MFGG

Before joining MFGG, LangtonLion64 was a member of the YoYo Games Sandbox site, where he was active on there throughout 2009. Having an obsession with Mario games, Mario Kart in particular, he wanted create a Mario Kart fangame. He would post attempts to do so using Game Maker 8 (one of which used Goomdaddy's infamous MK engine), and had reviewed many of other people's Mario Kart games. Later in 2010, he came across the Hello Engine 4. Before long he used it to create a remake of the original NES Super Mario Bros., entitled Super Mario Bros. Reborn. Despite posting 2 demos and getting over 1000 downloads, he lost the interest to complete it.

He would then begin to try to create many engine-based Mario fangames, ranging from Supernova's Mario World engine to WEEE Engine 3. None of them were finished, or even developed beyond a few levels. During that time, he would stop using the YoYo Games site, but not before posting a short self-developed platformer called 100 (though this was also left to die uncompleted). However, he still posted future Game Maker games on to the site before its complete shutdown in 2015.

But in 2013, LangtonLion64 discovered the DragezeeY Engine VII. Thinking that it was the perfect engine to use, he began to develop a game called Super Mario Bros. 4. The game initially started out as a generic 8-bit platformer, but one day LangtonLion64 came up with a dimension-switching gimmick, which allowed the player to change between two different versions of a level at the press of a button.

MFGG History

Near the end of the year, he joined the MFGG mainsite in order to post the first demo of this game. While it received decent feedback, many found the gimmick frustrating, and the title overused. In March 2014 he joined the forums, and in April a second demo of his game was posted under the name of Super Mario Bros. Dimensions, which received better reception. Since July he is a fairly active member of the MFGG Wiki. Near the end of the year he entered the MFGG Secret Santa and the Super Smash Bros. 3DS Tournament.

The following year, at the MFGG Awards 2014, he won the award for Best Newcomer, and his game was part of a three-way tie for Best Concept. Super Mario Bros. Dimensions was finally completed in February 2015, which brought in his first Game of the Month award. He entered The Grammar Game, where he ended up in the Top 5, and also entered the Secret Santa once again. At the MFGG Awards 2015, SMB Dimensions was nominated for 6 different awards, but it ended up winning none of them. A similar pattern occured at 2016's awards, where SMB Dimensions 2 (which has been in development since mid-2015) was also nominated for 6 awards.

In 2016, Langton's interest in chat servers outside of MFGG was sparked. He became active in the MFGG IRC, and then moved onto Club Saturn EX, a Discord server host to many MFGGers, right before the IRC's closure. He became so active in the Club Saturn server that it ended up taking a toll on his forum activity. Eventually he got promoted to one of the server's admins, which in turn lead to him being chosen as one of the admins of Hotel Delfino. Currently he has stepped down in the heat of some MFGG drama, but he may return to his position.



  • He is one of the few British members to become staff, the others being Black Squirrel, Cutman, Kyori and Kyle.
  • His game Super Mario Bros. Dimensions is one of two known fangames to have a Laser Flower as one if its power-ups, the other being Mario & Luigi's Coin Chaos.
    • Super Fangame Maker also has the Laser Flower as one of the available powerups, though the powerup was influenced by SMB Dimensions.
  • Polter, one of the main characters of SMB Dimensions, appears as one of the many default Mystery Mushroom costumes in Super Mario ReMaker. Langton himself requested Lu9 to add the character to the game, and provided him with the resources required.
  • Until February 2016, he had yet to change his avatar on the forums, which he added in March 2014.
  • At one point he had an unhealthy obsession with the game Splatoon throughout 2015, which could be observed from his common references to it in his posts in the forums.
  • He completed 4 out of 5 of the Marsh Planet puzzles. He didn't do the Brown Egg because the Orange Egg took him forever to figure out.
  • In both the 2014 and 2015 Secret Santas, Langton was given WiiMan to make a present for.