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Graphic Artist and MFGGer
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Aliases: Harley Quinn
Interests: Art, Music, and changing the world
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LakiPlant, or now known as Harley Quinn (for the premiere of The Dark Knight), has been a member of Mario Fan Games Galaxy since the October of 2006 when she was interested in creating Mario fangames. Although she has been here for about 2 years now, she hasn't progressed socially, or become popular in the least bit way. But even thought this little problem has effected her she still remains to be a progressing graphic artist. LakiPlant, most always being thought to be a male, has become very comfortable in almost every topic now a days, but still urges and yearns to be a "popular" member. Lakiplant as well as being a fangame creator and digital, was a very intuitive amateur spriter.

Plant on a cloud?

As depicted above LakiPlant's character inhibits a couple iconic features. The design of the character came straight from the love of Mario and everything related to the Mushroom Kingdom, as can be easily seen. The character is a Piranha Plant on top of a rather cumulus Lakitu cloud. The character has been varied from having green or white lips (preferably white lips), to wether it had the ability to breath fire. The character was first created when a couple of MLSS sprites were conveniently pasted on each other. As originally depicted LakiPlant was an inferno pelting, condescending, beast of the sky.