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NFGC Founder
Aliases: kerano1, sexaaay kyle
Real name: Kyle
Interests: Power Lifting, Basketball, Programming
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Fangaming History

In 1996 Kyle started to use The Games Factory which he got on CD before he had access to the internet.

In 1997 joined SFGHQ and released many sprites,engines and demos but his reputation was for creating great but complex Sonic engines.

In 2000 he created the website NFGC where Thunder Dragon, the founder of MFGG, became a staff member. NFGC grew popular but growth slowed during the hosting problems and never recovered the second time hosting was troubled.

In 2001 Kyle Then became a staff member of MFGG.

Currently Kyle is working on a Mario-based mmorpg programmed in VB.Net and is considering creating a new website to try and broaden fangaming even more.


Good friends of Kyles at MFGG

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