Koopa War

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Koopa War is a game currently being developed by the Starlight team.

The Development Crew

There are a couple of people who contributed to Koopa War. This page may be updated because Koopa War isn't finished yet.

Luigifan64: The founder and head programmer. Djemiegoomba: Created the second engine. Luigifan64's draft or first engine was ridled with bugs. RRM19500: Current beta tester. Powerstars: Current beta tester.


The story is that there once was a town called Petalburg Town. All the Goombas, Koopas, and other baddies were not under Bowser's rule. Now, on one day all the citizens gathered together and celebrated. Why did they celebrate? Because Bowser hadn't attacked them in 10 years! Hurrah! But then, a big gunshot sound was heard. Everyone stopped. They probably just thought it was a Koopa hunting for food. But then, all of Bowser's army rushed in, killed everyone and took over Petalburg. There only was 8 or so survivors. I don't really remember. So they gathered up a rebel team to stop Bowser once and for all.


This section will be heavily updated. The enemies so far are: Army Goomba


This section will also be heavily edited: Test Grounds So far there are no levels.

Planned Features

Shop Modifiy Weapons

Finished Features

Ammo 1st Weapon


The first demo hasn't been released. The first demo will probably be released in late summer 2012.