Kittie Quest

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Kittie Quest
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Developer(s) Cutman
Announce Date around 2001
Release Date end of 2002
Genre Platform
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Click and Create
Platform Windows
Status Completed

Kittie Quest is a game created by Cutman back in the EZboard days in CNC based on the forum adventures of MFGG, regarding the "I am new" thread which involved Yoshiman's kitten, Kishi. The game took about a year to finally be complete due to Cutman's laziness.

The thread involved Cutman and Doctor Octopus trying to steal Kishi in an RPG like fashion. Cutman soon decided to create a game based around what happened in the thread.

The game was a platformer which let you control many MFGGers such as Yoshiman, Supertoad, Fireball3k, Nite Shadow and many other oldies to try and stop Doctor Octopus and his evil minions such as Cloakbass and Kritter.


The story of the game was what happened at the end of the thread on the boards. Doctor Octopus had stolen Kishi from Yoshiman and had ran to one of his secret bases. Yoshiman battled the evil doctor and rescued Kishi. However, Doctor Octopus soon caught up with the escaping Yoshiman and transported Kishi onto his ship using a beam. And so Yoshiman gathers his friends to stop Doc ock and his minions, and rescue all the stolen kittens around the world.


Once it was released, people found the game too difficult, as many couldn't even beat the first boss of the game. The game had many hard bosses, and passwords were only given after each level and boss, with no continue points. Also it used the default platform engine from CNC, so the game was incredibly buggy engine-wise.

MFGG Appearances

The following members were included in KQ (in order of appearance):

Thunder Dragon and various others were also in the ending but didn't have much of a role in the main game.


Level 1: Doc Ock's Lab
The first level was nothing more than a battle with Doctor Octopus to save Kishi. Many MFGGers couldn't beat Doc Ock.

Level 2: Rooftops
The second level is the only level you play as SuperToad in his mech (Apart from later boss fights). Level 2 was also the only level to have an objective, which was destroy every Yoshi egg in the level (including the shyguy-egg crossovers). The boss of this level was Spine, and alien like boss who spewed toxic gas and threw guts at you as it floated around.

Level 3: Clown Funhouse
The third level contained many creepy looking clowns in an abandoned creepy house. Many people died at the start of this level, due to a life threatening forcefield which for whatever reason people decided to run into before getting the password. The boss was Pennywise the clown, who thew blood balloons at you.

Level 4: Ice Mountain
Ice Mountain was a tall level with sideways thwomps and penguins. It also had iceblocks which could only be removed with Fireball3k's Square Bombs. The boss was Cloakbass, and many couldn't beat him either.

Level 5: Bone Canyon
This was a very simple level which only had one enemy, which continuously appeared from the right of the screen. The boss was Gothbar, who tried to squash you with increasing speed.

Level 6: Cave of Flames
The cave of flames was more of a Puzzle level which abused Neo Hyper Yoshi's size changing abillity. The boss was a giant Blaarg.

Level 7: Victory Road
This level was a long path with quite a few tough monsters. Originally Zorak was at the end as a miniboss but was removed because it was causing a crash. The real boss here was a possessed Mario, who you fight as Yoshiman instead of Superyoshi.

Level 8-14: Doctor Octopus's Factory
These levels were very similar and all contained a mission to destroy the "Evil" kitties, which would unlock doors to the exit. The real horror of this series of levels though, is the fact you don't get a password for every 2 levels. The bosses of these were all one after another after you reach the end of all the levels. The bosses included many possessed MFGGers.

Level 15: Failed Experiments
This level was an alien like area with very creepy looking enemies. This is the only real level where you get to use Yoshiman. The boss is Cutman, who you can't actually beat until you find an easter egg in the level, but even after that Cutman's hand chases you through the next part of the level. At the end, Cutman's hand gets caught in a web, then Cloakbass comes down to try and stop you. The battle was different from the first Cloakbass battle, and it had a time limit.

Level 16: Doc Ock's Lab 2
Looks a lot like the first Doc Ock lab, only now you fight Kritter and Cutman (ungodly this time) as Yoshiman which were VERY hard fights. After those two Doc Ock runs off to a room where Kishi is being held captive. The last Doc ock battle is here, which was also known as the "Stupid amount of events" boss.

Level 17: Boris
Doc Ock runs off yet again, but this time has a new surprise for you. He explains about his new chemical which is powered by kittens to turn anything evil, including the kittens themselves. He then summons up his most powerful monster, Boris. Boris is a giant black cat which shoots flees and bouncing skull objects. He is somewhat easy to take down though.

Level 18: Oblivion
Doc Ock gets trapped, and all the MFGGers return and corner him. Struggling to find a way out he begins to laugh and dives into the very chemical which turns things evil, only he hasn't tested it with something/someone that is already evil. The whole place goes white and the heroes wake up in a Space like area to be greeted by Omega Doctor Octopus. The final battle takes all the MFGGers to defeat. It is the longest and most difficult battle in the game.


Cutman has planned many times in the past to make a sequel to KQ. However, nothing has ever been spoken of because he is unable to find the sprites and engine to fit the game. He has stated that if KQ2 gets anywhere it would contain more story about the cats and kittens. It would also involve an epic tale of love between Yoshiman and Cuteyoshigirl, while Doctor Octopus plans to summon the most powerful demon in the world: CATastrophe.

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