Kissing Booth Theory

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"KBT", by Mechant

The Kissing Booth Theory dictates that most MFGG males have an unnatural obsession with MFGG females and that any topic that contains any feminine virtue or quality expressed by a female MFGG member, for example even mundane topics like "hi I'm new and a girl", will pan out a ridiculous amount.

These replies need not be sexual in nature, as long as they are more numerous than in a similar topic by a male. This theory is also self-proving, as its existence allows male members to use it as an excuse or even the sole reason to post in a topic by a female, even without adding any comment whatsoever.


Named after the first obvious time the theory was shown to be true in The Kissing Booth topic; in which a female member stated she was giving out free kisses.

The Kissing Booth topic eventually became mix of "serious" posts requesting kisses and RP posts as a story started to develop, it eventually spawned the MMKFBKKKC topic which became very popular.

Possible Explanation

The simplest explanation is that since there is a trend between lack of social skills and amount of time spent online, an extremely active member of any web forum, especially one with a low female population, will be likely to respond inappropriately to any female posts. This, coupled with the anonymity of the Internet, causes a drop in manners and an all-around feeling of general ignorance. Perhaps more likely is the fact that any kind of minority group in any setting is more likely to elicit extra attention.

Recent Usage

Still, this theory has proven true even to this day, at least up to the end of the Invision era, with many female-created introduction topics growing to ten or more pages and, in one case, over 200.

The decrease in stereotypically "girly" posts by female members has reduced its mention significantly, and the change in the online culture has also reduced its relevance. Most of the "I'm new" topics during the first phpBB era seemed to earn about the same amount of response, regardless of the new member's professed gender, and this trend has continued with new female members on the post-split forums.

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