Kirby vs. Shy-Guy

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Kirby vs. Shy-Guy is a popular sprite comic that was created in April 3rd 2007 by Peardian.

Main Characters

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Kirby made his first appearance in the comic along with his friend, Yoshi. This enthusiastic pink fluffball is a magnet for trouble, which even resulted in General Guy holding an impressive grudge against Kirby and his pals. In spite of this seemingly everlasting war against the militaristic Shy Guy, Kirby usually has a plan or two to always gain the upper hand, such as developing advanced bros. moves. Currently, he is trapped in another dimension with his two friends, Yoshi and Background Bandit.



Yoshi debuted at the same time as our pink protagonist, Kirby. Like any good friend would do, Yoshi watches Kirby's back and at least tries to clean up Kirby's shenanigans. In spite of his young age (it was revealed in the 120th comic that he is just an infant), Yoshi is a talented fighter with his screw attack and tongue. Like his other friends, he is currently trapped in another dimension.

General Guy

General Guy.png

General Guy appeared in the first comic. His reason for confronting Kirby involves Meta-Guy slashing his mask and getting himself and his robot blasted to a distant mountain. Even with his forces and high-tech mech, General Guy was defeated more than he is comfortable with. Despite this, nothing is going to deter him from seeking his vengeance against his puffy adversary.



Abby first debuted in the 23rd comic after Kirby smashed her house down. Despite this, she doesn't appear to hold any malicious feelings against Kirby. As a Boo, her scaring talents become crucial to Yoshi and Kirby plan to frighten the Shy Guys away from her house. Abby's favorite hobby is throwing special parties with King Longspear and his Shy Guys, even though nobody actually like their parties.

King Longspear

King Longspear!.png

King Longspear made his first appearance in the 57th comic and is one of the more benevolent Shy Guys in the series. Without his guidance, Kirby and Yoshi would remain lost the forest. Part of King Longspear's royal court contains a pair of dancers, but he would rather not deal with them because they drive him insane.

Background Bandit "BG"


Background Bandit (AKA BG Bandit, BG Guy, or just BG) debuted in the 72nd comic where he attempted the theft of Kirby and Yoshi's food. After getting deceived by Kirby and Yoshi's coin pile trap and grappling with his captors, Background Bandit became fast friends with the duo. As his name implies, he has a natural talent of hiding in the background, which served him well in the fight against Reminox. Currently, he is trapped in another dimension along with Kirby and Yoshi.



Debuting in the 101st comic, Moore is the right-hand man of General Guy. In addition to bailing the good general out of all his jams and acting as his personal punching bag, Moore is also known to throw his own weight around (especially in the literal sense where he was first seen sitting on a switch). In the 312th comic, it is shown that he is highly affectionate for his leader despite all the abuse puts up with. Besides embarking on any mission issued by General Guy when giving the chance, he also enjoys monkeys and watermelon.

Soccer Bros.

Soccer Bros..png

Ever since the 142nd comic, Maru and Ludo of the Soccer Bros. have been tutoring Kirby and Yoshi new abilities and special bros. moves. In addition to teaching Yoshi the screw attack and using his tongue offensively, they taught the duo the following bros. moves:

Kick Bros - Yoshi uses his screw attack and rolls up to Kirby. Then, Kirby kicks Yoshi into the air and he hits the enemy.
Top Bros - Kirby takes Yoshi by the head, spins him like a top, and throws him at multiple enemies.
Pendulum Bros - Yoshi sticks his tongue to a block above him and Kirby keeps kicking him multiple times to swing Yoshi at the enemy.
Leapfrog Bros - Yoshi sticks his tongue at Kirby, while Kirby swings Yoshi at the enemy.

In all their tutorial sessions, the Soccer Bros. use their special soccer mushrooms to heal any damage dealt during a lesson.



When Kirby ripped the background in the 12th comic, an unassuming tear turned into a mysterious portal that spawned this interdimensional horror. With a lot at stake, Kirby and his allies must engage Reminox in a fight to the finish. It had a few forms to test the mental of the comic's protagonists, including its Phazon form, but this dark creature was no match for Kirby, Yoshi, and Background Bandit. Unfortunately, this did not stop Reminox from banishing its adversaries to an alternate dimension after the dust of battle settled.

Dry Bones

Dry Bones.png

Dry Bones made his first appearance in the 111th comic during an x-ray session. Kirby and his friends were originally hoping for his assistance in defeating Reminox, but all he proved was that he was nothing more than a headache for the trio.