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On April 20, 2009, various MFGGers from around the world came together with one purpose: To defeat Kira, homicidal criminal mastermind. Or the ultimate bringer of justice. Depending on who you ask.

This game was entitled KIRA GAME, and was run by Chaos Emerl. Later iterations were usually hosted by either Teddy or Starmang.


The very first KIRA GAME took place on Pixeltendo, run by Chaos Emerl. The only MFGG Member who took part in it was Shawn. The first game received mixed reception. Many participants thought it was extremely unbalanced, thus there was never another KIRA GAME at Pixeltendo. The second game, KIRA GAME II, took place in the CCC of MFGG, run again by Chaos Emerl. This was where it initially gained popularity. A sequel was made shortly afterward, entitled KIRA GAME III. Chaos Emerl became too busy to host another KIRA GAME, but people wanted more, so Starmang/Starman Deluxe hosted the fourth game. Many changes were made in Starmang's version, including more suspenseful deaths, the inclusion of Yotsuba, and more narration. A lot of people liked this version of the game better, so Starmang hosted a fifth game, expanding on the added concepts. To avoid cluttering the CCC with the games, which were becoming much more frequent, a new forum was made by Starmang and Chaos Emerl, where all of the subsequent games would take place.


The first game didn't take place on MFGG, but it ended with a victory for KIRA.



Mikau- Citizen, real name Fargus (Executed because everyone assumed that because he is gay, he is Kira)

B.M.- Second Kira, real name Grover (Executed)

Nnnkingston- Mello, real name Oscar (Death Note casualty, by Shroomguy)

kirbyhi5- Citizen, real name Henry (Survived)

kanedeth- Near, real name Paul (Death Note casualty, by kirbyhi5)

Shawn/Starman Deluxe- Citizen, real name Abdul (Shawn was banned during the game, so Starman Deluxe replaced him) (Survived)

SuperMarioMaster- B, real name Buddy (Executed)

Waddle dee- Citizen, real name Drew (Death Note casualty, by B.M)

Shroomguy- Kira, real name Angus (Survived)

Pip Bernadotte- L, real name Willy (Death Note casualty, by Shroomguy)

Raie- Watari, real name Fred (Survived, but lost because Kira won)

Day 1

Although Pip Bernadotte and Raie defended him, Mikau was unfortunately voted by the majority to be executed as Kira. It was revealed that he was a citizen, and thus Kira remained a mystery. Nnnkingston was investigated by Raie, and was told to be a citizen with connections to L. SuperMarioMaster used his powers to scan B.M., who also made the eye deal to scan StarmanDeluxe.

Day 2

Shroomguy writes in the Death Note, "Kill 'Ian' on April 22nd, at 11:59 PM, Cracks under all the pressure and kills himself with the electric chair." Pip had told shroomguy that his name was "Ian", using his fake names ability. Raie researched Waddle Dee. B.M. scanned Waddle Dee. B.M. wrote in the Death Note "Drew - April 22, 7:30 PM EST - Heart Attack", killing Waddle Dee.

Day 3

SuperMarioMaster scanned Starman Deluxe. Shroomguy made the Shinigami Eye Deal. Shroomguy scanned Nnnkingston. Shroomguy writes " Kill 'Oscar' - Kills himself after saying "L! I'M COMING FOR YOU! LONG LIVE KIRA!" Nnnkingston died. Raie researches B.M. and was told that he is Kira, but he isn't Kira. Waddle Dee has died. (From B.M.'s Death Note). B.M. scanned kane]deth[.

Day 4

B.M. gave his Death Note to kirbyhi5. Raie scanned kirbyhi5. Kirbyhi5 wrote "Kill 'Paul'" resulting in Kane]deth['s death. B.M., due to Raie's research, was revealed as Kira, and executed. Pip Bernadotte realizes this at the last minute, and tries to kill himself to prevent Kira from murdering him- however, it was too late, as he dies of a heart attack as he stands on the edge of the building.

Shroomguy, Starman Deluxe and kirbyhi5 won.


In Kira Game III, SuperMarioMaster was kira, and was inactive for most of the game. However, bandwagon voting and Raie's draconian tactics as L lead to many people being killed early without Kira having to do a thing.


KIRA GAME IV was hosted by Starmang, and included the Yotsuba Corporation. Kira won. The winners were:

The tested Double Agent class was thrown out for being too powerful, though it may be argued that misconceptions between Drei and Starmang led to the ultimate demise of Team L.


KIRA GAME V was also hosted by Starmang. The Yotsuba Corporation won. The winners were:


  • A Team Fortress 2 themed game, called MFGG Fortress 2, was hosted by Teddy.