King Boo's Halloween Spooktacular

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King Boo's Halloween Spooktacular was a Halloween themed "mega-comp" that started on October 7, 2014. Its thread was made by King Boo.


As the Spooktacular was a glorified mega competition, all individual categories had the same rules that they have in their dedicated competitions. However, the competition was more lenient on blood and gore than what might be acceptable in an ordinary competition. Winners will receive a golden skull badge, while the other participants will receive a normal skull badge.


The Spooktacular consisted of five competition:


First place:

Second Place:


  • Willsaber entered more categories than any other member. The only category he didn't enter was the Story Competition.
  • King Boo's character's personality was largely based off of Super Mario 64 DS.
  • Throughout the competition, King Boo changed his avatar four times.
  • After the competition ended, Vinny Video revealed that King Boo had some connection to Satan: