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Kaiser Yoshi

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Aliases: KaiserYoshi, YoshiMonarch7
Interests: Gaming, spriting, annoying the heck out of people over AIM
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Kaiser Yoshi is an MFGGer who joined Mario Fan Games Galaxy on January 8th, 2007. Not exactly the most popular guy on MFGG, he is, to quote himself, "a total nobody." He doesn't post as often as others, partly because he never really has anything to say, and partly because he's too lazy to say much of anything anyways. The only real thing of note is that he has more posts in the General Chat than in the Pointless Post Palace, which is a bit rare on MFGG. He usually stays on people's good sides and has an aversion to flame wars unless the offender is being really stupid or naive, which has never happened on MFGG. Look at what he says on his GameFAQs account, though, and...

Kaiser Yoshi's character is an aquamarine Yoshi with yellow wings, orange shoes, red eyes, a staff, and no saddle, by the name of Leo. One might say this is unoriginal and that he needs to make a better character. Truth is, he already has about eight other characters, six of which are completely original. So he pretty much already has created an original character... again and again and again. Not only that, he is writing backstories to all of them. Leo's has thirteen chapters (as of yet unfinished) and opens with a Fascist uprising in his home country.

In real life, Kaiser is 16 years old and currently taking driver's ed. He has extremely mild Autism, and as a result angers easily under the right circumstances. He never lets this reach the internet, though, and is never cause by someone on the internet; In fact, if someone told him on the internet something that would've turned him into the sentient equivalent of a weed whacker if told to him verbally, he'll usually take it in stride and may even reply with a joke. Sometimes he gets annoyed and say something that annoys others, but always apologizes in said situations.

So... That wraps up his self-introduction or whatever you want to call it.

PS: If he did anything wrong, please correct it and let him know so it doesn't happen again. :X