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Joke Game Contests were similar to Minigame Competitions, but were held in The Lounge and featured themes that were designed to inspire games that are humorous, quirky, and usually shorter and less complicated than a standard minigame. It wasn't until 2015 where they saw a return by Blutorus, with the help of VinnyVideo, only this time they were held in the Development Showcase.

Unlike other MFGG competitions, Joke Game Contests don't use badges for rewards, although an image for a Joke Game Contest winner badge appears to exist. It is unknown if the badge was ever used or not, however.

Joke Game Contests and Winners

  1. Your Most-Active MFGG Topic - Late Night Mario by Glukom.
  2. Parody a Mario Game - Super Mario Sunburn by RetroX.
  3. Impossible - PS3 Game Collector by MegaTailzChao.


  1. A Typical Day for a Mario Character - A Typical Day by Q-Nova.
  2. MFGG Event - The Void by Blutorus.
  3. Extreme Workout Time - P2013X by Hypernova.


  1. April Fools - Endless Charisma by Vitiman.
  2. Parody a N64 Game - Super Mario 64: Really Good Edition by Blutorus.


  1. The Nintendo Switch - Nothing.


  1. Gamin' on my Watch - BAYONETTA by RevampedSpider.


  1. Gamin' on my Boy - GBWare by FabianLC.

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