Joe Inky

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Joe Inky

Joe Inky's old avatar, drawn by Supastixdude
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Aliases: Joe_inky11, xv88crisis (youtube)
Interests: Game making, spriting.
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Joe Inky comes from Blackpool, England. He first created an account on the main site and submitted a few sprite sheets that got accepted. For a long time he knew nothing about the forums and whilst just looking around the site, he accidentally clicked on the "Message Board" link and thus "Joe_inky11" was born. He has recently changed his name to "Joe Inky" as this doesn't sound as stupid as his prior name. "Joe Inky" is an abbreviation of his real name "Joseph Incorvaya" and is used on every website he is a member of, the one exception being Youtube, on which he goes under the name "xv88crisis", a battle suit in the Warhammer 40,000 table top game. Joe has entered quite a few sprite competitions and has got into the top five 4 times, he has yet to win a runner-up or first place badge. As of yet, he hasn't entered any of the minigame competitions, despite a passion for making games, this is mainly because he is into "indie" games and dislikes the restrictions put upon the minigame competitions. Although he joined the forums on the 24th of September, 2007, Joe lurked around the forums for about a year, before he eventually decided to join.


Joe Inky is the creator of the Indie development group known as INKIDIA, He generally works alone but with help from Tri in the music department.