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Aliases: Jason Orme
Real name: Jason Orme
Interests: Game Making, Animation, Spriting, Hellraiser, Arcade Machine Collecting
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One of the many Oldbies of MFGG, jasonorme666 registered in the EZBoard days of MFGG. He was part of the Great Kyle Flamewar and has aided in a hack on SFGHQ.

jasonorme666 still lurks around the MFGG, and will post everytime he has somthing new to offer, if it be a new game, artwork or sprites.

Dispite being a member of MFGG from the start, jasonorme666 has contributed very little in sprites and has only produced one basic mini fangame.

jasonorme666 was also a member of Bowser Tech and NFGC.

He has shared good times with Cutman, Chris the Hedgehog, Doctor Octopus, Kyle, Fireball3k, Kritter, Mugenmidget, Nite Shadow, RageMario, Supertoad2k, Thunder Dragon, Trasher and Quickman.

Jason also remembers The Face all too well.

His most recent project is the TMNT Engine and was nominated for the MFGG Awards 2006 for Best Engine Maker.

Jason has also never owned any of the MFGG Badges.

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