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James Bradshaw Layfield

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Aliases: turdlantic
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James Bradshaw Layfield is a member of MFGG whose name is derived from that of a wrestler, John Bradshaw Layfield.

Biographical History

Layfield joined during the Bowser Tech era as turdlantic. He was "permanently" banned twice, once in 2004 (returning in June of 2005) and once in early 2006 (returning in early 2009).

As turdlantic, he worked on a fangame called Mario Party PC, which was never finished. As Layfield, he had a habit of saying "SUX NO JBL!" often. This phrase was etched into the minds of many an annoyed member, although some said it because they actually missed the member after his ban(s), even though there was good reason for his banning (i.e. excessive flaming even after warnings were given).

Various members had signatures requesting that JBL be unbanned at one point.

At present (as of January/February 2009), James Bradshaw Layfield is back on the forums. He has changed a lot and shows quite a positive attitude in posting.