Improv Game Contest

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The Improv Game Contests were game contests created by Shadowman which entailed building something being given a very small about of material, usually a picture or two and a sound. To compensate for the lack of allowed content, contestants were allowed to modify the sounds and images they were given, provided they did not add new content.

  • Improv Game Contest 1: Contestants were given a picture of a skyscraper, a group of letters, and a midi file. Hanyou won this competition.
  • Improv Game Contest 2: Only the use of a given Magic Johnson image, the word "losenge," acosplat.mid, and the fun-6~cnr.wav file were allowed. Xgoff won this competition.
  • Improv Game Contest 3: Competitors were only allowed to use a picture of a statue of Jesus Christ, and the Oprah Theme song in a horribly arranged midi file. It is unknown who the winner was for this competition.
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