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Aliases: Orochi, Darkhorn, SMBFan2003, Cornholio
Interests: Sprite shading, harsh challenges, video games
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Iceman3k joined MFGG on May 29th, 2003, during the times vBulletin was still being used. In 2003, he managed to do a lot of stupid things, such as posting unfinished The Games Factory sprite libs and having a very terrible ego. His ego managed to get him into serious trouble at that time. He was notoriously known by the shaded sprites he constantly posts on occasions.

In 2004, he managed to get into quarrels with many MFGG members, with Rexator Birdo being one, and Draco Icebane another at the time. He managed to try and shrug all of it off, which managed to take a big amount of effort.

Around March of 2004, he was banned for 4 months from MFGG, with the reasons being him spamming the Penguinia forums, as well as his never-ending battles with Joey. Also, his attempting to flame Klobber and a few other MFGG members in an AIM chat also made an impact.

On July 3rd, 2004, after managing to deeply apologize to Klobber, Iceman3k returned under the name "Darkhorn", which was a big sheep monster from Dragon Warrior 6. He often posted the word "bleat" in efforts to irritate people, which worked effectively. After one week, he managed to unveil his identity, and end his sheep charade. He still had his battles with selected MFGG members, and has been TempBanned a number of times.

In 2005, he finally managed to clean up his act. Although he became a little less active, Iceman3k tried really hard to end his battles with others, and succeeded. Afterward, he just became a basic member who makes posts on the forums.

Iceman3k's Character

Iceman3k went through a small cycle of character changes. His first phase was a mere Mario recolor. After a good while, he managed to do some things to it. His character is now a young boy that wields amazing Elemental Abilities, who wears dark blue pants and hat, a light blue shirt, and whitish blue shoes. To this day, he's still mistaken for a mere Mario recolor, but Iceman3k manages to argue out the situation still.

Iceman3k's Fangames

Iceman3k had a lot of fangames that were never finished, most of them being due to lack of interest. He's tried several times in 2003 with Mario Fangaming while being a beginner at TGF. The attempts failed.

One of his projects was called Pipe Crisis, in which he attempted to remake the 1983 Classic, Mario Bros. The project has been discontinued twice due to lack of time and interest.

Then came Super Luigi Land, in which the game's development only went as far as an edit of the Super Mario Land Title Screen.

Another was Super Mario: Bowser's Revenge. The game went through 2 engine releases, then was discontinued.

Then in 2004, he had a game called Icy's Quest, which was a game revolving around his character. The game went under many engine changes and releases, and then was discontinued due to lack of interest.

His current project at the time is Tatanga's Terror, a project which has been recently started. In this game, Iceman3k attempts to faithfully remake Super Mario Land. He has high hopes that the project will succeed.


Iceman3k has gone under a weird array of changes. As of today, he only lurks the forums on rare occasions, as many other things draw him away. What the future holds for him is a big mystery.