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An iScribble drawing from 2008 featuring Fujiko, Peardian, and oodles of other MFGGers.

iScribble is an online multiplayer drawing program. There used to be a lengthy topic about it in the CCC, created by Fujiko, which people used to announce when they are in a room to encourage other people to join, or to post any drawings that people have drawn together. This topic was revived in The Minus World, but is less popular now. Common iScribblers included:

Members such as Press Start, Wheeljerk and Madox sometimes make a rare appearance.

The two main MFGG boards on iScribble where most of the drawings done by MFGGers are "Lets go crazy." (created by Subby) and "SUPAH SAWNIK RACIN'" (created by BanjoSonic). Another main board used by MFGGers is "Bowser's Domain" (created by Mechant).