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On joining and during the subsequent years Hippoman was a quiet but mostly liked member; he engaged in roleplay topics and serious discussions. He actually never finished a Mario fan game but made the original Waligie and added to most of the others. He then disappeared for nearly a year, but has returned.

It's generally known that Hippoman brings nothing to the table in terms of fangaming abilities of any sort as he procrastinates too much when making games, can't draw and definitely has no other creative abilities.

He is commonly found in mfggirc.


Hippoman generally enjoys joining in with most debates that arise, especially controversial topics such as religion and politics, as these generally reward the most intellectual merit. Besides this he is generally an anti-social member and does not talk to many MFGGers outside of MFGG.

He is very passionate about the specific topics of Scandinavia, interesting hair and drug culture. He has been described as anti-American.

Notable Acquaintances

  • MechaBowser - Talk semi-regularly ever since Hippoman was interviewed for a place on the MechaSource team.
  • Kyori - Hippoman runs an unofficial fanbase for Kyori.
  • Quicky - Generally the IRC chat is increased in terms sexually explicit material when the two converse.