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Aliases: Zonee
Interests: Programming, Spriting, Level Designer
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Hero (also known as Zonee in the main site) is an MFGGer that joined MFGG in 2014. He actually knew about MFGG since 2009 but he didn't create an account until 2014. Hero uses Game Maker to create fangames. He had joined the Super Mario Bros. X forums in 2013, going with the name, Zonee, and used it to create SMBX episodes and play SMBX. Hero is currently working on a Super Mario Kart fangame.

Finding MFGG

Hero found MFGG in 2009 from searching for sprites on Google. Hero was immediately interested in the site and loved to download and play fangames there but never created an account. When Hero finally created an account he was planning to be really active and post a lot on the site but that never happend. Hero is one of the more active members on the forums but rarely goes to the mainsite unless downloading games or viewing sprites

Current Projects

Hero uses GameMaker 8 to make his projects. Hero is currently working on Untitled Super Mario Kart fangame built on GameMaker 8.

Hero plans on making a few other fangames.