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One of the more common templates are the badge templates. The MFGGer template is specifically designed so that five badges appear in each row. That's why we discourage you altering this by putting in big avatars.

This page is for the older badges. For the current versions, see Help:Badges

Add these to a profile's "Badges" field. Separate each one with a space (not a line break).

Code Result
{{Badge HH}} Happyheart.gif
{{Badge SHH}} Superhappyheart.gif
{{Badge UHH}} Uhappyheart.gif
{{Badge BH}} Bighelp.png
{{Badge SR}} Reviewer.gif
{{Badge SS}} SuperSubmission.gif
{{Badge Admin}} Admin.gif*
{{Badge Mod}} Moderator.gif*
{{Badge Host}} Host.gif*
{{Badge Site}} SiteStaff.gif*
{{Badge BM}} Badgemeister.gif*
{{Badge PPPMod}} Pppmod.gif*
{{Badge Rep}} SkullBadge.gif
{{Badge KFC}} KFCBadge.gif
{{Badge SSB}} Present.gif****
{{Badge SCG|number}} Scg1.gif

{{Badge SCR|number}} Scr1.gif

{{Badge SCT|number}} Sct1.gif

{{Badge DCG|number}} Dcg1.gif

{{Badge DCR|number}} Dcr1.gif

{{Badge DCT|number}} Dct1.gif

{{Badge MCG|number}} Mcg1.gif

{{Badge MCR|number}} Mcr1.gif

{{Badge MCT|number}} Mct1.gif

{{Badge UCT|number}} Uct1.gif

{{Badge UCG|number}} Ucg1.gif

{{Badge UCR|number}} Ucr1.gif

{{Badge 04}} Award04.gif**
{{Badge 05}} Award05.gif**
{{Badge 06}} Award06.gif**
{{Badge 07}} Award07.gif**
{{Badge 08}} Award08.gif**
{{Badge OC}} Shell.gif***
{{Badge FE}} Forum Event.gif

* Will add member to MFGG Administration category.

** Will add member to MFGG Awards category.

*** Will add member to Operation CLAM category.

**** Will add member to Members with Secret Santa badges

† Will add member to the respective competition category.